12 AUG
Twitter Social Videos for Business Visibility

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Using videos on your Twitter channel can offer a much richer experience for your fans than by just publishing images or text. Plus videos enable your fans a chance to obtain to know, like and trust you all that much quicker and simpler.

The reality of the matter is: Twitter users accept video.

Notification how 82% of Twitter users engage with brand names and services. Since there's over 800 million regular monthly visitors on this platform, this number is one that cannot be disregarded and ought to be profited from.

Live Video Streaming on Twitter.

Even if Facebook is the Belle of the Ball today, that does not suggest Twitter isn't really alive and kicking!

On May 2, 2017, Twitter revealed its Live Streaming abilities that include 16 live streaming materials handle the locations of sports, news and entertainment.

09 AUG
What to Post in Your Twitter Videos

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Strapped for concepts on what sort of material you could use for your Twitter videos? In a previous video eTip I offered 5 social media video marketing methods you can use to assist display your business that can provide you some motivation. Remember Twitter fans are pertaining to this platform with a "discovery" viewpoint.


They can be your very own personal viewpoint about news associated to your market or ask your fans to participate on the conversation to see how they are affected by something that has actually occurred in your market. React to somebody's tweet with a video. Doing these supplies you with an excellent chance to have your fans are familiar with you more on a personal level.


How about asking your fans to share their own video of using your item in action? You might run a contest that would motivate this sort of user-generated material. Get Busy Using Video for Twitter Content.



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